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1. The rental goods are provided only for the agreed purpose and agreed period of time.

2. Renter is liable for all damage and losses even when these are caused by third parties. Liability begins with delivery to the booth and ends when the goods are picked up by the lessor, even when renter has already vacated the booth.

2.a) Wall materials of the type “Exhibition Walls, not wall papered” are permitted to be wallpapered or covered with textiles by the exhibitor or by firms commissioned by the exhibitor. The glues used for this purpose must guarantee that the wallpaper can be completely removed by the exhibitor or by a firm commissioned by the exhibitor at the end of the event. It is forbidden to paint or poster the blank wall material in its non-wallpapered state. Damaged wall material must be repaired. The repair costs will be charged to the purchaser.

2.b) The only means permitted to be used by the exhibitor or by firms commissioned by the exhibitor to attach posters, etc. to the wall materials of the types “System Wall Elements” and “Exhibition Walls, white” are normal office tapes or powerstrip. It is forbidden to use nails, screws or stronger adhesive tapes on these wall materials. Damaged wall material must be repaired. The repair costs will be charged to the purchaser.

2.c) Disposal of broadloom carpeting is not included in the price.

3. It is recommended to insure the rental goods against theft for the entire duration of the event.

4. Rental furniture not returned will be invoiced in the amount of their purchase price.

5. Transport costs are included in the rental fee provided delivery is to be made to trade fair sites that we routinely supply. A transport surcharge will be invoiced for deliveries to other sites.
The transport costs cannot be reimbursed to customers who pick up the goods themselves.

6. Delivery of all orders without a specified delivery date will be made to the trade fair booth such that the rental goods are available in time for the beginning of the event.

7. Preordered and reserved rental goods that are not utilised will be invoiced in full to the ordering party.

8. Lessor reserves the right in the event of force majeure to deliver replacement goods of equal or better value to renter instead of the goods originally ordered. Claims cannot be made based on such replacement deliveries.

9. Orders must be placed at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the expo. Delivery of orders arriving later may be possible, but cannot be guaranteed. We charge a surcharge of 20% of the rental price for orders received later than the 2nd week before the expo begins.

10. The given prices are net prices. VAT is calculated separatley. The invoice must be checked immediately upon receipt. Complaints must be communicated to us while the event is still in progress so that we have the opportunity to provide a remedy or at least make an orderly inspection of the complaint on site. The rental fee becomes due when setting-up of the rental objects begins. It must be paid in full upon receipt of the invoice at the latest.
Foreign exhibitors are obliged to pay not than 2 weeks before the start of the traid fair.
Invoices will be send preferably in electronic form by E-Mail as PDF-Format.
When providing the correct VAT ID no. all EU member states will receive an invoice without VAT.
All other countries will receive an invoice without VAT upon submission of a certificate issued by the respective local authority and showing that the service recipient is a registered company in that country.
Please submit this information no later than two weeks before the start of the trade fair.

11. Data protection is taken seriously at Messeaufbauten Werner Klos GmbH & Co. KG.
In Messeaufbauten Werner Klos GmbH & Co. KG's privacy policy, which you can find at, we set out our general bases for the protection of your personal data.

12. Place of performance and venue of jurisdiction shall be Unna, Germany.

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